Support for Small Business

This week we provided an update to clients on the measures in place and being proposed by various levels of government to assist businesses during this evolving COVID-19 situation. While not all of these proposed measures have taken affect, we want you to be aware of what is available and what may be coming so that you can plan and be proactive in applying for any of these that may benefit your business.

To support businesses, the Federal government is proposing:

  • A wage subsidy of 10% up to $1,375 per employee and $25,000 per employer
    • Limited details on how this will be applied, however CRA has released a FAQ section here.
  • Any tax that becomes due on or after March 18, 2020 and before September 1, 2020 will have no interest accrue. This includes installments as well as actual balances.
    • May be applicable if your business has a December through May year-end and income is derived from active operations (operating companies).
    • May be applicable if your business has a January through June year-end and income is derived from passive operations (holding companies).
  • Business Credit Availability Program that will allow BDC, EDC and FCC to provide credit to small businesses.
    • Consider reaching out to your lender early as there is expected to be a large number of requests for this financing, and lenders may be overwhelmed.
  • A number of supports for you personally and your employees.
    • Waiving the EI one-week waiting period if individuals quarantined.
    • Waiving the requirement to provide a medical certificate to access EI sickness benefits.
    • Emergency Care Benefit providing $900 bi-weekly for up to 15 weeks for workers directly effected by COVID-19 but do not otherwise qualify for EI sickness benefits.
    • A number of other measures, some of which are yet to be clarified.

The Alberta government is also proposing a number of measures to support business:

  • Deferral of corporate income tax balances from March 19, 2020 until August 31, 2020.
    • May be applicable if your business has a December through May year-end and income is derived from active operations (operating companies).
    • May be applicable if your business has a January through June year-end and income is derived from passive operations (holding companies).
  • Residential, farm and small commercial customers can defer electricity and natural gas bill payments for the next 90 days to ensure no one will be cut off, regardless of the service provider.
  • Specifically, for small business customers with ATB financials, a deferral on loans and lines of credits up to 6 months and access to additional working capital.
    • Consider reaching out to your ATB banker in order to see what may be done for your situation.
  • Support for your employees.
    • Job-protected leave if required to self isolate or are caring for a child or dependent adult that is required to self-isolate.

We understand these are difficult times for some businesses, and we are here to support you where we can. As we are now in our busiest time of year, and with the increased uncertainty, our response time may be slower than you are accustomed to, however, we are committed to providing you information and advise as quickly as possible.

We wish you and your families all the best during this time. Stay healthy.

Best Regards,

Eric, Peter & Cascade

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Update and Giving Back

It’s been a busy few months at Cascade!

We successfully made it through our first “busy season” under our new brand. Our clients have provided positive feedback on our new business model, which reaffirms that our model is adding value to our clients and their businesses.

We ran our first annual Tax Clinic in conjunction with Norfolk Housing. Cascade volunteered early in April to provide personal tax services to those who may not have the ability or expertise to navigate their own tax returns. This can effect real change for these individuals, as 50% of Norfolk’s tenants are low-income and may be eligible for income supplements if they file their tax returns.

We’ve added a fantastic new staff member to our team.

After a great busy season, we found some time to enjoy a few Stampede events, meet some great people, and volunteer at Norfolk Housing’s annual Stampede breakfast, which had over 400 residents and community members stop by.

And most recently, the firm participated in and volunteered at the 6th annual Kenn Borek Air charity golf tournament, which was raising money for the Quinterra Legacy Garden. Cascade was able to contribute as a minor sponsor as well. In total, over $14,000 was raised for a memorial garden to provide a peaceful, contemplative and vibrant outdoor space for Calgarians to reflect, heal and remember.



New Office Finalized

If you’d like to stop by for a visit, you can find us above the Sunterra in Britannia Plaza…

After a couple of months of renovations and finishing touches, we’re happy to share a few before and after pictures of our space. If you’d to like stop by to see in person, you can find us on the second floor of Britannia Plaza. Otherwise, take a look below and let us know what you think!






A special thanks to Starwall West for the glasswork, and Magda Gawlik for help with our design!

We’re open 8am to 5pm – stop by and say hi!



Renovations and Resolutions

Here at Cascade we’ve been busy renovating our new space and working towards our goals for the New Year. We anticipate having the new location operational by mid-February. The place is coming together nicely and we’ll have some before and after pictures to share soon. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at the (centrally located) new space under renovations.

sneak peak

Also, we’d like to send out a shout-out to Magda Gawlik from MMADE DESIGN who helped us with the design process. She was great to envision a few options for us, and help us sort out which one we liked best.

sneak peak

Cascade Launches

“…we’re happy to announce that we’re renovating our permanent location.”

With Cascade officially up and running, we wanted to take a moment to share some of our story and what exactly it is that we’re doing for our clients.

We have two updates today, the first being on our location.

Currently, we occupy a space in the Beltline that is centrally located and conveniently offers parking. This has worked well and we have been serving our clients from here. However, we’re happy to announce that we’re renovating our permanent location, located outside of the core but very central and with ample free parking. We’ll formally announce the location in the coming weeks so stay tuned for this.

And second, we wanted to say thank you to all of those who have supported us on our venture. Today, we’re especially thankful for our service partners who have been instrumental providing exceptional service for our clients. We work with teams of Financial Advisors, Bookkeepers, Contract CFOs, Bankers, Lawyers, and others to ensure that client needs are being met and expectations exceeded. We’ve had a number of meetings over the last two months with our service partners to ensure our service standards continue to be upheld, and these meetings have reaffirmed that we’ve surrounded ourselves with the right people.

If you want to give a shoutout to any of your favorite service partners, I encourage you to do so below.